Egrets with the 500mm Reflex. . .

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Jack: if my guesstimate is right...

jack scholl wrote:

jpr2 wrote: much crop? I was trying to deduce your approx. shooting distance to those egrets but failed no finding a full frame (resized of course, as DPR doesn't take 4000x6000 px)

We were 100-150' away from the birds and the final file size of these shots varies from 12 to 20 MB using the 750mm equivalent lens.


in other words you've been about 40 meters away on average (30 to 50 meters)?

so... given that, and the size of an egret in flight with wings outstretched to be about 3 meters, my guesstimate yields the birds filling the whole N7's frame edge to edge  (also, I've an exact target just like that visible from my window: a balcony 3 meters wide seen at the measured 40 meters, which indeed fills the frame on my N7 with a "no-name" 500mm catadioptric). And yet your excellent captures seem more like crops to my eye .

Can you tell what area fraction the birds occupy on your frames? The file size is not a best way to estimate distances, although it is a very good indicator of the amount of details captured indeed.

Also, is it possible to microdajust the AF 500/8 cat on N7 through LA-EA2?


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