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depscribe wrote:

Having had mine (also ordered from Amazon, but that scarcely matters) since Friday, I've got to say I wish I'd put the money toward a D-7100 and waited on the X20 until a generation or two of firmware fixes had happened. Pictures are okay, but the operation is different from the X10 in some important ways and not better, at least for certain ways of shooting. I expect Fuji to get it sorted, but would rather be shooting something else until then. May actually rebox the X20 and continue with the X10, awaiting new firmware.

I echo your sentiments, but not for operation reasons.  Mine are for reasons concerning OOC JPEG rendering.  I shoot 99% JPEG, and my X10 (and X100) perform admirably in this capacity.  The X20 has left me wanting.  By purchasing the X20, I was hoping to gain a bit of focus advantage (in decent light) for family shots and candids given the PDAF.  I really enjoy the optical viewfinder overlay, the eye sensor, a speed increase in camera functionality (can't confirm this via any measurable means), focus peaking, etc.  It never occurred to me that JPEG output would suffer with this new model.  I just don't know what to do at this point.  Can the JPEG issue be tweaked?  I have no idea.  My fault entirely, as I should have waited for feedback from the user and pro community before making the purchase.

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