Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost

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papillon_65 wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

Hi Tony,

I fully agree, FF is very tempting nowadays. The cameras prices are very low, especially on the D600 and 6D.

But is the FF advantage big enough over m4/3?

You shoud read this interesting post that puts some things in perspective :

Personnaly, I sold my 5D one year ago to finance the EM-5, and nerver ever regreted it once. But if one day I'll be tempted with FF again, which is not the case today, I would go Nikon, no questions.

P.S. Sorry if you already read it or if somebody already mentioned it, as I had no time to read the full thread ;-).

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Thanks Frederic, yes I did read that a while ago. I think we all have to try and find what we like. I've tried many formats and cameras but never FF, now is my time to try it. It'll either work for me or it won't. There is no doubt it has a different look and feel to it which is appealing to me.

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For the person who is good with a hammer, everything in life tends to look like a nail.....

Sure, FF is very appealing, and I hope it'll work for you. I'd advice you to look at Nikon right now, as the difference between the EM-5 and the D600 - D800 are bigger than with the 6D or 5DMkIII. You'll get better DR and noise control, which are important factors to go FF. Personally, I'd skip Canon FF cameras right now, but I'm sure they will keep up in the future.

I whish you the best in your new adventure!

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