Internet Tax is coming

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Re: Internet Tax is coming

You talk about an internet tax being fair to local businesses, but how is it fair that the local business charges $100 - $150 more for equipment than I pay online?

For the most part I support local and I agree with most of what you said.  I have a limit -- if my local camera store is within $50.00 of what I can get the product for online I'll buy local.  But most often, my local camera store is charging $100 - $150 more than I can find online.  That is ridiculous and they no longer get any of my business.

If what they're saying is that the 'Internet Tax' is nothing more than companies like B&H charging me my local sales tax, who cares?  Less for me to have to remember when I file my taxes each year. If it's something different than charging me my local sales tax, then that may change things (confession:  I didn't read the links so I don't know what was in them).

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