Got a new X100s and am blown away. Stop reading this and go buy this camera.

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Re: Yes, but limited to 1/125

Ray Sachs wrote:

nawknai wrote:

Does "Auto ISO" have a setting called, "Minimum Shutter Speed"?

I'm sure someone else has asked this question in another thread, but I was just curious!

As with the X100, the X100s limits your minimum shutter speed To 1/125, which is more than enough for most shooting, but sometimes not. I always found the 1/250 on the GXR-28 more useful. And at the moment I'm testing a Nikon Coolpix A which allows minimum shutter speed to be set as high as 1/1000 - That may be overkill 99% of the time, but OTOH why not give the user the option? Then again, the X-Pro doesn't have it at all, so be thankful the X100 and X100s have it at all.


Just to be clear - the Auto ISO minimum shutter speed has an UPPER limit of 1/125 - you can set it as low as 1/4. But that can always be overridden by setting the actual shutter speed higher. Obviously.

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