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Re: Tried a full size raw file at base ISO

JamieTux wrote:

Like I say it's not really an issue most of the time (the sky should be black) but here's an extreme example pushed too far in processing and resized to 1024 along the long edge for web.

it's very noisy if you try to push the files too hard - that's taken at iso 100 too - I had not idea what people were talking about until I was making a moon shot - on Nikon I would underexpose to get a quick enough shutter speed and lift the shadows and brightness to get the right detail on the moon - that's not really viable on the 5D2!

As for resolution - I could see the weave in a fabric with an EM-5 doing a product shot that I had to go and verify as I'd never noticed it on a 5D2 - but I think that lenses make a bigger difference at the moment than the sensors and I am sure that after seeing the detail I could have used that as a reference to improve my set up on the 5D2.

Oh and I'm not trying to slate the 5D2 at all! The 5D2 actually outresolved the higher pixel density 7D from about ISO 400 when I was doing side by side tripod comparisons with the same lens on both (the moon was smaller in the image but you could make out more features still) I have no reason to think that this would not be the case for OM-D vs 5D2 too.

No problems, I see what you're saying, I don't really shoot the moon so I doubt I'd be pushing any files that far. The example I tried was fine and about the worst case scenario for me so it's all good on that score. It's something I'll look out for but not worry too much about, thanks for the heads up anyway.

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