Was Ready to Buy a NEX 6 but DP Review Leaves Me Cold.

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Re: Was Ready to Buy a NEX 6 but DP Review Leaves Me Cold.

TimelordXYZ wrote:

If one compares the NEX-6 with the NEX-5N in the Low light/High ISO performance category (Conclusions page), the NEX-5N is supposedly significantly better.


Do you realy think it is a ignificat difference? Do yo realy think you will see the difference in real life pictures?Look at this dro page and yoy see that the differences are measured very small and the Nex 6 is better in all the other places:  DXO compares:

Nex6    nex5n

Color depth:                            23.7     23.6

Dynamic range                       13, 1    12.7

Low light                                1018   1079

To understan the difference you have to know that going one step down you have to half the ISO number. So in this case the 61 difference is less then 1/8 of a stop, something you won't see in any picture yo take...

If that is correct, then its very disappointing as I was looking to upgrade my NEX-5N at some point because I can't use my EVF and the flash at the same time on the NEX-5N.

Has the addition of the on-sensor PDAF, degraded the IQ of the NEX-6 that much?

So as Iexplaind above, there is no degradation of IQ, in fact itthe IQ of the Nex 6 is better overall! So when you want to buy the Nex6 for the FV then you will find no degredation at all, but do't expect better pictures, as your capabilities as a photographer will not enhance with a new camera!

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