Nex6 vs Nex7N? Should I wait?

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Re: Nex6 vs Nex7N? Should I wait?

Simurgh wrote:

My eyes are on NEX6 - it seems like a great little camera. My question is whether is worth to wait for Nex 7N or to go for Nex6..

Of course, it depends. However, I'd strongly recommend a NEX with an EVF -- so 6/7/7N.

The NEX6 has been out about 1/3 of a typical Sony NEX product cycle, which means it's around its peak popularity with both users and review sites. The NEX7, which got off to a slower-than-normal start due to natural disasters slowing initial production, is in the last 1/3 of its life -- where you actually see some discounts, and will see even more as its replacement hits the shelves. Of course, the NEX7N probably will be more expensive and hard to get when first announced.

I wouldn't invest in any additional lens kit for time being so this should be based on standard 16-50 kit.

A fine lens, but not going to show big differences between 16MP and 24MP sensors unless this lens is used under near optimal conditions (e.g., stopped-down a bit with no motion blur). You sound more like the target market for a NEX6 than a 7 or 7N.

How would you generally compare NEX cameras with EOS 550D (type of DSLR) in terms of performance.

None of the NEX provide full-feature tethered shooting support, autofocus is slightly slower on NEX (unless using A-mount lenses with LA-EA2), the camera menu system is a little weird, and the NEX versions without an EVF need an add-on EVF or a huge, sub-$20, clip-on EVF-like LCD viewer. In most other ways, even an original NEX5 arguably outperforms an EOS 550D.

Honestly, there are so many advantages to a mirrorless EVF over an optical viewfinder SLR that I can't understand why anybody wants to own (or manufacturer wants to build) an SLR. DSLRs always remind me of Sony's 1980s battery-operated, portable, turntable/record player which I still have:

Sony PS-F9

It was a very technically sophisticated device which was linear tracking at under 2 grams and delivered excellent sound quality (provided the record isn't warped, even while being carried!), but the cassette-based walkman, CD, and now MP3 players are far superior technologies. In the same way, the Sony SLTs are an evolutionary step past DSLRs and the NEX line is the next step after that.

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