Here is a real Canon 1Ds Mark III shot in full.

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Re: I think you made his point

jayrandomer wrote:

Nightman wrote:

True file size is not same but still a good picture with plenty of detail. I left it uncropped

There's a lot more detail in the eyes on the 1DsIII shot than this shot. You can clearly make out the blood vessels in the 1DsIII shot, so maybe even too much detail at 100%, but still very nice.

And for comparing detail, file size is critically important. Saying the 10D is as good as the 1Ds III for detail, except for file size, is like saying that, except for capacity, a 250GB hard drive from 2003 stores just as much information as a 1.5TB hard drive from 2008.

And yes, many great photos have been taken with both cameras, so detail is only one part of what makes the camera (and both have sufficient detail to record many things well), it's just that the 1DsIII has more.

Jay that was well put.

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