Nex6 vs Nex7N? Should I wait?

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Re: Nex6 vs Nex7N? Should I wait?

Thanks Mike.

For the start I'll go with standard 16-50 and with prime 50 1.8. It feels more reasonable as I do take photos in bars, restaurants (meaning low light).

I will probably buy 55-210 as well, but not right now. I like 18-200 as it seems it is the most versatile one - but it's quite pricy and it would be redundant to 16-50 and 50 1.8, up to 50.

I am going to San Francisco next week and I am eager to find out how Golden Gate Bridge will look with NEX6 with these two lenses. I assume 55-210 might be better for that, but well you can't have everything straight away.

Mike Fewster wrote:

Simurgh wrote:

Well I tried to use that logic. I used my G10 and then borrow G14 on one of my trips. Although they are terrific little cameras (I assume similar to RX100) they are still P/S.

Funny enough I know a lot about optical physics as I am engineer, but I assume I need to put it into practice

I like to learn, I want to learn. I am very comfortable with EOS - so yes I know the basics but for sure there is much more to learn.

Would you suggest any additional lens kit apart from 16-50? I was looking at 55-210 or prime 50 1.8F?

oK, that's the bit of info we didn't have that makes me feel more confident that your choice is good for you. Lens advice however also depends on shooting style. What rocks your boat? And of course as your experience develops you might find yourself drawn to an area that requires more specialized stuff.

If you get the 16-50 kit you will already have a compact lens for travel and it covers the same focal length as the 50 1.8. When you get an interchangeable lens camera, the lure of a bit of tele is irresistable. So I'd consider the 55-210. Unless of course you are more drawn to shooting in low light in which case you would be looking at the 1.8. What do you prefer, street scenes and capturing the action in low light or making that mountain over there on the horizon look a bit bigger or getting in closer on those kids playing football?

Speaking for myself, I can never solve this one adequately. in lots of the situations I travel in, changing lens is a real hassle (either crowded streets or dusty deserts). I have a ff and a Nex. I think I want an rx100 as well. I'm a bit inclined to keep the rx100 in my pocket at all times and leave the nex in my backpack with maybe an 18-200 on it at all times and the 16mm and wa adapter for occasional use. The ff only goes with me when I am on a car trip.

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