Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost

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Re: Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost

TORN wrote:

There had always been the right time for going full frame. I remember the 5D MK I going out for 999 Euro at the end of its product cycle in a shop in my town. Incredible value if you ask me.

I do own the E-M5 with 7-14, 20 and 45 and I have my 5D Classic for 7.5 years with the 17-40, VL 40 & Canon 40 and the 85. I do own the other 4L zooms, the Tamron and others, but the ones above are the ones I use. The lenses of both setups are pretty compareable in price and even the size is not so much more, mainly due to the 85mm.

My way of thinking right now is that I am more willing to invest into full frame than the mirrorless stuff, especially when it comes to expensive lenses. As a longtime DSLR user the light and small mirrorless lenses simply feel not like the real thing to me. Only the test of time will show but I have much more faith in the long term reliability of the DSLR lenses. Similarly the small mirrorless bodies do compromise in handling and ergonomics - something that does nit sit well with me. I tried the X-E1, owned a Nex-7 and for some time now the E-M5. None could really convince me. Yes they are incredibly powerful tools in a small package and very unintimidating but I cannot connect with them like I can with my Big Mom. I guess maybe in some years there might be the perfect package for me in the mirrorless market but right now I prefer to go with inexpensive lenses (ok the 7-14 was a must) and just use it for its size advantage. One more factor for me is my love of classic 35mm. 17mm 1.8 on mft is simply not doing it for me.

So if you like fast primes like me, love handling and ergonomics, love DOF control, prefer lenses with a reassuring heft and do not care to have some more weight in your bag then a small full frame setup might be good for you. The Tamron 28-75 is a steal on full frame as well as the 85mm 1.8 or the 100mm 2.0. The 70-200 4L is as good as it gets for that money. The 50mm 1.8 does things on full frame that are spectacular for 100 Euro. When going cheap the Tamron 17-35 is pretty cool as well and the 17-40L has been THE lens for me in the last 8 years. It might not be the best in its range and yes the corners are subpar (not so relevant for my applications) but it is such a versatile lens for wide angle users and it delivers every time. It even covers 35mm in a way you would do with the 20mm on mft but you would not need this extra lens. To me the classic 24-xx lenses where never the right thing since I constantly have to swap for the wide lens.

Right now you can get the old 5D MK I with a used Tamron 28-75 for under 700 Euro. The camera is good for 100000-150000 shutter releases and you usually get used ones with 10000-30000. For anybody tempted with full frame but not being sure this might just be worth a try. Add a 50mm 1.8 for additional fun.

Thanks for the feedback and lens tips, some of which I'd identified but it's nice to hear it from a users perspective. I'm looking forward to giving it all a go anyway.

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