Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost

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Dr_Jon wrote:

The 40/2.8 is great, it's scary sharp at f2.8 and is a FF lens - my first one was decentred and my first thought on seeing the pics (the 5DmkII doesn't help with the 1.7 stops of corner shading either, so not good for JPEG shooters with older FF cameras) was "what have I done, a waste of £149". Luckily I noticed the left side was better, sent it back and the replacement is a star. I also got my GH3 with the 12-35 just as the 40 came back, so shot the same brick wall with it (in case of lightning striking twice). Even stopped down the difference was great (in favour of the 40 wide-open). It's a 20/1.7 for Canon FF, and I'm pretty sure that's where they got the idea from.

P.S. I'm not a fan of the 17-40 on FF (hate the corners) but it isn't bad value for money and I have friends who love it (we call it the "Marmite Lens" - you either love it or hate it). I'd say the 24-105 is the best walk-around lens though.

Thanks for that, the 40mm F2.8 sounds like an easy win. I understand the marmite thing, it's a bit like the Panasonic 12-35mm which seems to provoke the same reaction. I'm not expecting great corners on any FF lens except primes when stopping down, it's part of the compromise compared to cropped sensors, I'll just frame and crop as and when required. I am looking forward to an UWA lens which doesn't bloom like the 7-14mm, that frustrated the hell out of me in the end and it was my favourite lens.

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