Is this something I should worry about?

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Re: Is this something I should worry about?

photoreddi wrote:

Sensei Mike wrote:

Hi photoreddi, it's more like a light red or pink haze around and above the smokestack.

Ok, now that I'm not looking for a red line I can see what you're describing. I have a feeling that if that huge red structure was green, the photo might have had a light green haze instead. It does seem odd that the reddish haze extends down below the top of the smokestack, but that might be because whatever is reflecting the reddish light isn't being emitted from the smokestack, maybe it's steam or something else rising from something closer to the ground. If it's not seen at other times, it could either be because the emissions only happens occasionally, or because the reflections are only picked up when the sun is in the right location in the sky. A good way to figure out if it's being caused by local conditions or by the D7100 would be to regularly take photos with the D7100 and another camera, and then see if the red haze is only seen in the D7100's photos, or if it's seen in some of the photos from both cameras, but only in the photos that are shot at the same time.

Have a look at the emissions from the other stacks and direction they go. This cannot be something from a stack or steam rising.

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