Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost

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Re: Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost

MatsP wrote:

JamieTux wrote:

The 17-40L is a nice lens, but it's closer to the 9-18 than the 7-14 in optical quality (and coverage) and the 24-105 is OK, but it's not top of the range, nor are the primes you mentioned (especially the 35 f2).

So it's not really a like for like - and in studio conditions I actually resolved more detail with the OMD and 45mm f1.8 than I did with a 5D mark ii and the 100mm f2.8 Macro. It was a real eye opener for me and ended with me selling my FF gear a month or so ago - the OM-D also has higher dynamic range.

But for images in less optimal conditions and for the choice of lenses - I can see the attraction for the Canon still (by the way the metering of the Canon is about the least reliable of any camera I've ever used - but the AF is a lot better than it's given credit for by most people).

17-40 is a cheap and popular EF "L" lens. But it has problems on a FF body. It is vignetting a lot and has very soft corners, it's in fact worse than 9-18, at largest aperture But if you stop down the picture changes a little and 17-40 becomes better than 9-18. So they don't perform similarly.

More similarly than the 7-14mm does - that was my point, it's not a top tier lens - by the way I never really noticed very soft corners on my copy and I never mind vignetting.

17-40 works best on an APS as a standard zoom where it doesn't suffer from vignetting or corner softness. On the other hand the dedicated APS lens EF-S 17-55/2,8 is much better, but with no desirable "L" or red ring.

I have been wondering a lot how the 24-105, another very popular FF "kit lens", stands in comparison to the 12-50 kit lens. I don't think the 12-50 is much worse. Same reach, but slower in the longer end though.

Yep - I could never convince myself to buy the 24-105, it just doesn't do anything for me - the 12-50 is always the first lens I leave at home too (it was actually cheaper to buy the camera with it than without when I bought it - by about £100).

I don't feel very much attracted to any Canon camera today, though I have used Canon a lot before. I have thought of an used 5DII or a real pro body like the 1DsII which you can get to reasonable prices today, but with good lenses the cost rises too fast.

Yep - selling all my Canon kit bought me a dream set up in m4/3 with enough left over to wait for the faster af Olympus if/when it comes.  I think that the only Canon that really attracts me is the 1dIV but that's for fun things, not work things!

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