Samsung NX300 vs Sony A99 Noise Performance Test (link)

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timedrun wrote:

So the sensor in a camera that you don't know what the model is, "will blow it away" the sensor in a camera that has not yet been released. This is getting ridiculous.

To be clear about this: I got confused because of the naming withotu checking it. I thought the A99 was a FF cam withotu a translucent mirror. When someone talked about the alpha, I thought Sony ahd named two cams x99...Then it turned out that the A99=alpha 99 and has a FF sensor, which makes my initial thoughts more valid, butthe translucent mirror takes a bit of light away of course. Still: it is a 24 Mpixel FF sensor compared to an APS-c one. Still, Samsung wants us to believe that the NX300 is clearly better than the A99. No.

You started a thread on the Open Forum to tell everyone this!

Actually: I think open Talk is the appropriate place to compare cams. This is the Samsung forum. I will never start a comparison thread on a specialised part of the forum because it can result in trolling behaviour and fans of other cams comparing and then debiking"the other ones brand".

Yes: I have seen this from Samsung before and I like to mention this. They don't need this kind of misinformation.

Joringho, these are only cameras, we're not talking about our wives or local football teams. Normal people use this site to try to get useful information on cameras and to chat to fellow users.

If I do not belong to the "normal" group, how logical is itto expect nromal behavioru from me. BEsides, normal can aslo be boring etc. I could take it as a compliment. From your description I have to say that there seem to be a whole lot of people that do not comply to your standard of normalcy.

There's no need for a certain few to ruin it for the majority with their petty brand partisanship.

But that does not address this point at all. We have a comparison between a FF Sony and an APS-c Samsung. it is pretty normal to react on this and it seems okey to me to cast strong doubt about this outcome, also to extend it to the history Samsung has when it comes to these kind of comparisons. I feel compelled to respond to this in my way. I do not offend people I think nor Samsung, but I do target their credibility here.

I think it is better to express your personal concerns personally and not generalise your viewpoints as to make your views of more importance and more excepted than others.

This is your opinion, that is fine. I have another one. Not all will agree with mine nor with yours.

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