Blurry images down to "such a large sensor" BS?

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Re: Blurry images down to "such a large sensor" BS?

Well I have to disagree with most of the (this is a special body which has to be used in a careful way).  Before moving to Nikon, I used a Canon 5D mkii and 7D.  The 5D has pretty small pixels and the 7D has a much greater pixel density.  I have never heard Canon shooters say that you've got to be very careful and shoot slowly with a 7D.

The only reason to use special measures is if the exposure is long for the length of the lens or you are carrying out an exact measurement of performance.  This  may be necessary to prove that there is something wrong with the camera.

I moved over to the D800 (and D600) because of the better dynamic range etc.  And I am very please with it.  I have done several studio shoots, hand held, with the 70-200mm f2.8 lens.  I am a pixel peeper and expect and obtain technical excellence.  I have had hardly any non-sharp shots.

Looking at the OP's photograph of the water.  I would say that with the f2.8 aperture, the plane of focus lies behind the swan.  The rightmost bird in the air looks sharp, the 'fence' posts at the right hand side look sharp and the ripples behind the swan look fairly sharp.  I think that the 'blur' is due to being out of focus in the distance (and the swan).

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