I think Thom was right, again...

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Re: I think Thom was right, again...

Not so sure about that higher film cost... Most of us had a small wet lab for B&W, and for color went for slides. Developing a B&W film is amazingly cheap, can be done anywhere, need no electricity, nor to make a contact sheet.

Printing via an enlarger needs a bit more space and a bit of electricity, papers were the costliest part, specially if you went in gallery grade.

A camera was more of a lens holder, or sometimes a base for a system (aka F3), a battery would last more then a year and cameras like the FM2 would nicely work without any (just had to guess metering). But whether you had a cheap camera or a sophisticated one you could use the latest film with the best lenses, and usually that got the picture...

The costs with DSLRs is not only with the camera and it's upgrades, but with computers, softwares and their upgrades. Not to speak of archival systems that now are in Terabytes units. Most pictures are seen on a screen through dedicated web sites (sharing or personal), sometimes printed in a coffee table book, and sometimes printed... With a printer that could come free with each bunch of ink cartridges such the prices are disproportionately high !!!

When we did 300 pictures at a marriage, we now do 3000 (at a minimum), great, we have more choices, but precisely that's also part of the problem as it takes time (money) to go through all of them and choose (or worse, ask the client to choose)!!!

So, yes, I believe Thom is right. Digital has a lot of advantages, but being "cheaper" isn't one, alas !

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