I think Thom was right, again...

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Re: I think Thom was right, again...


Some time ago Thom Hogan posted that digital might not actually be cheaper than film, because you end up buying new bodies so often. I'm starting to agree with him, even though I shoot far more digital shots than film.

Here it is 2013 and I just bought yet another Nikon. This year it's a D800e.

In late 2005 I bought a D70s.

In early 2007 I bought a D200.

In late 2007 I bought a D300.

In late 2010 I bought a D700.

Hmm. 5 cameras in 8 years. And they've been significant upgrades, in at least some ways. Enough to basically have me stop using the previous generation, except I did use D200 and D300 at the same time.

Which makes me wonder, what is Nikon going to have 2-3 years down the road that is going to obsolete my D800e?

(Or perhaps complement it. I could see buying a D800es, which simply gives me 8fps and some small autofocus improvement.)

In contrast, I bought an N90s in 1995 and used it until 2005. All I had to upgrade was the film I used.

No Thom is not right, by far not!

Why? Because he forgets that when time progesses and technology increases there is now a point in time where you do not need to upgrade your camera anymore once a new model comes out.
The D800 is a perfect example of that. It has a wide dynamic range, has plenty of resolution for 95% of the people that uses a camera, has a powerfull AF system on board (thom and some other whiners disagree :)) , is a featurerich camera with its video options etc. and can shoot well up to ISO 12600.

New camera's will only be marginal upgrades from now on, like wifi, touch screens and other gadgety improvements. New camera's will not bring that many revolutionary new features anymore, but will be evolutions of the older system.

Also Thom forgot that for every situation, outdoors/indoors/bright sunny days/shadowy days/ etc. you needed a specific role of film while in all current camera's you have all those cameraroles in one body. From ISO 50 to ISO 12600 (in the days of film one could hardly get hold of ISO 3200 rolls).

Now I have D800 at my hands I do not see myself buying a new camera before 2018/2020.
I just don't see the need for upgrading now camera's already have 90% of the featureset you need.

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