I am still using a 43rds sized sensor for all sorts of work.

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I am still using a 43rds sized sensor for all sorts of work.

We keep hearing over and over why a four thirds sensor isn't competitive. We also hear over and over again how professionals have moved on and dont use the system... To be honest there are a lot of savants on this forum that have a huge amount of information that, without some type of omnipotence couldnt be known by a mere forum user

Well I keep on keeping on with my 43rds sensor, as I wait for the new DSLR body. Until it does I am using my m43rds bodies and a mix of 43rds and m43rds lenses... You have no idea how often I have looked for E-5's to buy so I can use my SWD AF again

As an add on before I share my images. The DPR comparometer went up for the D7100, have a look, and compare it to the OMD. The smaller sensored camera compares well for both detail and for noise. Stop it down 1 stop to adjust for sensor size difference (OMD) and to my eyes the OMD looks better. SO Olympus is still inside 1 stop difference between APSC and 43rds. This means that when shooting with the HG or SHG lenses for the same DoF the 43rds sensor may very well look better right up to ISO 3200. To clarify, using the OMD at 50mm f2 ISO 1600 vs D7100 F2.8 ISO 3200...

As for shallow DoF, yet again I found in my work it wouldnt be of any use. The shot where the model is holding the device (looks like an Ipod) I was already skirting along too little for my camera settings...

Either way, here is some of my paid work from the last couple of weeks, all with the 43rds sensor, limited ISO and DR... Everything I have to look forward to in the E-7.

Behind the scenes, this shoot was a nightmare because of the wires

Hand made jewellry product shot

group product shot

model-product shot

model-showing product

Group product shot

As this shoot was all natural light, I was having to shoot wide open, or close to it.

Have a great night!!

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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” -Ansel Adams

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