real d800 vs em5

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Re: Getting past this

Adventsam wrote:

Exactly, its just for info, to show people that high grade, high resolution images are available from m43, don't feel intimidated by FF dslrs

al_in_philly wrote:

When I look at these images, I see two cameras capable of taking fine images, with one perhaps taking even finer images than the other. But real photography isn't about the cameras, except in the most extreme situations, it's about the people holding them. If you get lost in trying to obtain the most perfect recording of light, you'll never be able to see that which is truly worth capturing.

Look at the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Technically, his work is woefully flawed--many of his shots would yield better image quality had they been shot with an i-phone with a dirty lens. Yet his photographs are priceless wonders. He had good-enough equipment to work with his exceptional photographic sensabilities. May we all be so lucky.

Debating which camera yields better images than another sounds oh so much like adolescent schoolboys comparing whose p#*%s is bigger than whose; and whenever that game is being played, you just know that no matter whose comes out on top, neither will know how to use it well.

Actually his post seems more of a criticism of your posting in this thread than anything else, you introduced the (rather bias if ultimately ineffective) comparison and when I made a similar point to philly you responded that the image quality was hardly any different.

Again I'd say that yes the D800's sensor performance probabley isnt needed by most photographers but lets not pretend that prints would look identical at large sizes.

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