Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost

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Re: Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost


Thanks James, 9-18mm quality is no bad thing, I used to have the 4/3's version so I hear you on that one. I know the lenses I mentioned are not in the top class but they represent good value from what I have seen, and I have looked at many images from all of them. The OMD does indeed have better dynamic range but the 5D2 also has a number of advantages as well. I never pay much heed to autofocus complaints, it's the most common complaint of all and I've never had a camera that I couldn't work with on that score, but you never know

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That sounds like you're looking at the positives and negatives of both so the only thing that I would add is don't make a decision in reaction to the negativity you got in this thread!

My favourite camera so far was the Leica M9 which combines everything (small size, large sensor, great lenses) and if it had better electronics I would still be on that forum now! I just find buying the correct level lenses for 2 different systems very expensive so I have the money put aside for the better tracking af Olympus body as this generation of sensor is good enough for me.

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