Did I make a mistake buying a Nex-7?

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Re: Did I make a mistake buying a Nex-7?

The NEX-7 was originally $1350 with kit lens. It's come down a bit since then but I'd say you still got a heck of a deal, and you should ask yourself if you can afford the 7n when it'll probably cost at a minimum $500 more than what you payed.

The choice between the 6 and 7 has never been a clear one. There's no clear winner and it decisively comes down to personal preference. ISO differences are negligible no matter what the alarmists say, PDAF is a little faster but not enough to be a deal-breaker, and some people like the traditional setup on the 6 whereas others say mode dials are a creature of the past. Both are solidly built but the 7 has an all-magnesium frame. The surface of the 7 is smooth, and the 6 is textured.

The clearest differences to me are that the 6 has WiFi, and can take a wide-angle rangefinder lens without much or any magenta casting on the edges, while the 7 has 50% more pixels that render a lot more detail at the pixel level.
Did I forget anything?

Hotshoes! I forgot the flash connections.

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