Was Ready to Buy a NEX 6 but DP Review Leaves Me Cold.

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Re: Was Ready to Buy a NEX 6 but DP Review Leaves Me Cold.

If I were going on a trip to Europe (lucky bugger) I would take Fuji XE1 with 18-55 and 14mm for widefield or the new Fuji X100s which is getting rave reviews as the best camera Fuji has ever made and 90% of Leica for 1/6th the price. XE1 and Xpro 1 are great cameras but AF whilst improved a lot (it really is acceptable to me as-is but would be considered a bit slow on some lenses and in some scenes, mainly dim light) is still perhaps a weak spot. Nex 6 has PDAF as well as CDAF focusing, peak focusing and auto magnify for manual focusing. EVF is better on Nex 6 than Fuji XE1. Not massively but noticeably. Nex 6 EVF seems quite normal, Fuji's is a tad grainy and laggy. The XE1 overall is a bit slower than Nex 6 so Nex must have a faster processor. But Fuji jpeg colours are to die for. Better than anyone elses.

Also Fuji lenses are among the very best you can buy from any brand. They are superb +.

I also have a Nex 6 and so far I have been very impressed with its performance. It has everything.

As far as EM5 goes, it is a strong competitor and seems to do everything right. For me I did not like the form of the camera as much as the Fuji - it seemed too small and cramped. Nex is probably smaller but has a form which is pleasing. It can be used one handed and the tiltable screen allows a clear view of the scene from above or below you. Video is stunning, better than Fuji.

So if it were me if I could live with a fixed focal length (the very useable 23mm) I would go Fuji X100s - its small, its superb, it has the best manual focus options, it has autofocus basically as good as anyone's now. If I wanted interchangeable lenses I would go either Fuji XE1 or Nex 6 or wait for the new Nex 7 to see if its now all sorted. If I were going to do a lot of video I would go with Nex 6.


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