Was Ready to Buy a NEX 6 but DP Review Leaves Me Cold.

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image quality of JPEG on reviews are always misleading

First off, let me put forth my POV, as of today, whatever brand, whatever model a mirrorless, can return decent and quality JPEG.

Its not RW, RW had only one capture, and one result from that one exposure, but how many parameters and variations one can set into the camera for a JPEG, the WB, ISO, sharpness, color space, contrast, hue shift , tone curve, highlight recovery etc ... if we tally all this it quickly became realized that for any one camera, for any one exposure, there can be almost million of ways to do a JPEG, of course quite a portion would not turn out right other than for creative purpose, and other would be of questionable value for technical reason. But just that single JPEG in the review , what setting it is, the default. There is no saying you cannot set the camera to a value otherwise that you find preferable.

Its better to investigate what all those JPEG can deliver instead of trying to rely on that single piece of data out of a zillion possibility. ANd last might I add, Today's camera and software are way more advanced than previous one and simply put I would say they all are well prepared for the majority of need. And for those who can't find a cmera that deliver, They are more likely to find that other model equally disappoint ( but not always neccessary for the same reason ) and that its better to go the shoot RAW and do your own development route of action

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