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neo_nights wrote:

liviutza wrote:

I believe if anyone would be testing a potential Pentax camera these days that'd be Japan, not some country in Europe... I suppose a FF Pentax may be coming, but really doubt the link.

Not sure I agree with that.

Perhaps in a smaller, less populated, country/state/city, the camera can go more unnoticed than if it was being tested in Japan or other big center. Which means less chance of leaking information and such.

Excellent point! I don't know of any other Pentaxians on this island (Corfu). I'd be happy to test one, and nobody will notice!

And who is to say that there's no one in Japan (or US) testing the camera also?

We'll have to wait. Although he didn't say that it was a Fullframe, did he? He only said "testing the K3" (which could very well be an APS-C).

I think he said it has the D600 sensor.

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I'm lazy to post my pics here. So you can look at them here:
Or you can look at older stuff here:

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I live in the third largest city in America, and mine is the only Pentax I've ever seen. I could test one here and nobody would care.

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