Was Ready to Buy a NEX 6 but DP Review Leaves Me Cold.

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Re: Was Ready to Buy a NEX 6 but DP Review Leaves Me Cold.

I understand your pain. I've always loved having a small "carry camera." A Linhof Master Teknika and Contax 645 were my mainstays. But I loved carrying a Leica CL then a Contax G, G with it's superb Zeiss optics. They were small enough I could always have a quality camera with me.

Digital changed my life. The cameras were "plasticy," not beautiful tech works of art. I despaired, but had to change. I had spent my life learning to master making fine black and white prints. Luckily, I have been involved with computers since the 1960s. (Yes, I'm old) So I went digital, producing my artist's book State of Grace by digitizing images and printing the images myself on an Epson printer. It sold out in days.

In darkroom days, an artist would have to have to print the whole edition at once to assure each print would be the same. (Ansel showed me in his darkroom how he'd change his interpretation with new printing. We're not Ansel. Collectors expect a print sold to be exactly what they expected.) So, as an artist, if I had 30 active prints for sale and an edition of 100, I'd have 3,000 prints in stock. An "unpopular" series would be fireplace tinder. Expensive. I couldn't "firesale" editions. Those collectors who believed in me and bought prints on release needed to be supported. Converting to digital, I could print  a number of prints and if I had paper and ink in stock, I could produce exact prints. I needed fewer prints in stock and could have many more images. I could experiment. If my vision of that image had changed, I could offer the collector a choice and notate my numbering.

I bought a Nex7 as a carry camera. The images were beautiful. My canon DSLRs and Leica film cameras stayed at home. My Canon G*10,12 cameras were given to my daughter. My "carry camera" had become my main camera.

My Contax G sat in a closet, I loved it too much to sell it. Now I can use its superb optics on my Nex7.

The Nex series are small and "carryable." I don't see the word "fun" on this this forum. They're fun to use. Don't underestimate fun.

Learn your craft, but have fun. The Nex6 (or Nex7) will let you create beautiful images.

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