Was Ready to Buy a NEX 6 but DP Review Leaves Me Cold.

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Re: Was Ready to Buy a NEX 6 but DP Review Leaves Me Cold.

S3ZAi wrote:

Sony isn't famous for it's jpeg engine. If you don't mind shooting raw, take a look at the nex7 review, just to get an idea, I'm sure the nex6 isn't very different. Nex7 raw is one of the best out there and I believe nex6 should be close or even better in some ways as it is newer.

If you have to shoot jpeg and costs aren't a problem, I would go for the fuji xe-1.

Totally agree, if I am shooting JPEG, Fuji X pro 1 or XE-1 will by on top of my list, I am a raw Canon and Nikon DSLR shooter and tried shooting jpeg with my NEX 7 few times to see how it came out as I am mainly using this camera as point and shoot style shooting but can't stand it and stop shooting JPEG ever since.

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