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John Sheehy wrote:

Luther T wrote:

Now to my question, Are the majority of 7D users actually butting up against the limits of the camera to a point where they need a better body? If so, I'm envious because I don't see myself ever reaching that point. So far, all the limiting factors have been me, not the 7D or the lenses.

Certainly, no one is as good as they can be, but regardless, the camera can still get in the way.

One example: you're shooting with auto-ISO, and you realize that you need flash, so you turn on the flash, and, voila, you get a picture that is completely blown out, or the image is dark and you only see the flash and none of the ambient exposure. What happened? Canon programmed the camera so that when you are using auto-ISO and turn on the flash, the ISO gets fixed at 400, severely overexposing or under-exposing the ambient part of the shot....

And...Nikon does similiar...just worse.   The body & flash are linked...and most of the Nik bodies can't be undone, at least not easily.  I know, got both brands.

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