More EF-S primes?

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Re: More EF-S primes?

GB, pretty much everything that you say you want already exists as EF lenses.  Sure, a dedicated EF-S versions might be a bit smaller, but modern zooms have gotten so good that Canon would really be going out on a limb to go into production on a really first-class prime that only works on crop cameras.  I mean da-a-a-amn that 17-55 is so nice that it gets pretty hard to justify primes in that range, unless you absolutely must have another 1-2 stops.

But here's another way to look at it:  Suppose Canon built an EF-S 85 f1.2 that was absolutely the equal of the current (spectacular) EF 85 1.2.  And suppose also the the prices were the same (unlikely, since the EF-S would be selling to a smaller market).  Which one would you buy?  For me, and I suspect for most folks, we would end up buying the EF lens rather than the EF-S for two really important reasons:

First, if you ever moved to full frame, you're set at no additional cost.  (And if you decide to sell it, you have more potential buyers, since it works on all Canon SLR's.)

But the second reason is the more important reason: All else being equal, the EF lens will give you less vignetting, and greater sharpness across the frame.  All of the fast primes have significant vignetting issues when they are shot wide open on full frame.  When you park an APS-C sensor in the middle of that big image circle though, it is like magic the way the vignetting is reduced or eliminated.  Presumably, an EF-S fast prime would have an image circle proportionately smaller (otherwise, there is no reason to build the EF-S version to begin with), and thus the vignetting would be similar to what FF cameras have to deal with now.  So as things are right now, we APS-C shooters are the unintended beneficiaries of the EF lens design requirements.  Similarly, all, or nearly all EF lenses will be sharper in the corners on APS-C for the same reason -- our smaller sensors only see the very sharpest, brightest (center) part of the image circle.  So, why would we ever give away these advantages by insisting that Canon go to great expense to build a set of lenses that -- by design -- gives us vignetting and soft corners that we don't have to deal with using EF lenses?

Bottom line: The lenses your really want already exist.  Enjoy!

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