transitioning from E-5 to E-whatever

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Re: transitioning from E-5 to E-whatever

Thanks for posting this question as many of us are pondering what to do! I anticipate that I will use the E-5s as backup for speciality purposes. For example, for macro with a flash, the E-5 is quite good. I don't think that too many more mps or increased dynamic range will make that much of a difference. I shoot with multiple camera bodies so I don't have to change lenses that frequently: One of my E-5s might be dedicated to flower photography with the F2 50 mm, using the ring flash; the other might be dedicated to insect photography with the Sigma 105, using the twin flash setup. Here's a photo taken just yesterday with the latter setup:

So these camera bodies would always be ready to go. The new Olympus would see dedicated use with my SHG/HG lenses for low light, action photography, and so forth.  Lot's to look forward to!  Jeff

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