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see ths thread about Comodo

skyglider wrote:

digitalshooter wrote:

I had moved all of the comodo icons from the desktop into a folder on the desktop. Did some windows updates, rebooted and the antierror and geekbuddy icons reappeared.

Before I uninstalled GeekBuddy, I had renamed the desktop icon from "GeekBuddy" to "Comodo GeekBuddy" to keep all of the Comodo icons together when I sort my desktop icons. On my next reboot, the "GeekBuddy" icon reappeared just like yours did, so I then had two GeekBuddy icons on my desktop. ..... After I uninstalled GeekBuddy and deleted both GeekBuddy icons, they have not reappeared after one reboot.


Yep, GeekBuddy is/was quite persistent.

Yep. My apologies for not seeing their tactics before. But, after further research, I can confirm their behavior in that area. See the thread I started here about it:

Don't get my wrong. Their software is great.

But, when a company like that resorts to trying to extract money by using what I'd consider to be scare tactics, they're going to be added to my s*** list (and Comodo is now on that list)

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