EPL-5 with a single lens or FujiX100s

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Re: EPL-5 with a single lens or FujiX100s

Dorus wrote:

Guy, do you miss having a viewfinder on the EPL-5?

No, not at all.

Now I way prefer to use the LCD as then I can see what's going on around me, and also I am more likely to take many shots from a lower position by using the bend up LCD.

To me it looks odd and slightly primitive to see someone holding a camera up to their eye to photograph. Using the LCD is a much more natural way to do things.

Maybe a couple of years of using nothing but the Panasonic LX3 trained me to work with bad LCDs and taught me to be liberated from viewfinder needs. That's after many years of film SLRs and peering though viewfinders.

At odd times a glary sky combines with a glary ground reflection and then it's hard to see the LCD, so I may use my VF-2 then, or throw a coat over my head and camera for the very best solution - see http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/51035437

With me wearing glasses the glary sky plus ground even spoils the VF-2 use as too much light leaks into my eye from all angles. Contact wearers or non-glasses people will have fewer problems.

Even playing with manual focus lenses I seem to do OK using magnify or the 2x tele facility and so rarely use the VF-2 that most times it stays at home.

As an aside my quick comparison of E-PL1/E-P3/E-PL5 makes me think that the E-PL1 LCD was the easiest to see in bad conditions. LCDs may be increasing in resolution, but get dimmer in the process. Most times my LCD is cranked to max brightness, and have 8 second dim to help save the battery.

Regards........ Guy

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