The X100s is far a better camera than the X100, but...

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Re: However, for some of us the IQ of the X100S does beat the X100...

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For me, it is all about IQ. And, as you say, the IQ of the X100s is not better than the X100. That's why I am staying with my X100.


I should stop posting on this thread, but...

It is fine that some people really like the output from their X100. Some people even preferred it to the X-Pro1 and X-E1. I didn't.

In honesty I was a bit disappointed with the X100 sensor - while it was capable of great output, it lacked resolution and was too sensitive to exposure. It was clearly the same sensor I had in my A700 a few years back. The output had a habit of turning out a little too digital looking for my taste, less graduated colour transitions, lower resolution, closer to a M43s camera (particularly the E-P3) in output. The lens was excellent above F4 however and the overall package meant that I tolerated the weaknesses of the sensor.

The X100S addresses what I consider the weaknesses of the X100 sensor in every way. As far as I'm concerned the IQ is superior before you even factor in that the RAW support for the X100S isn't quite there yet. It's just that bit less digital looking to me.

Does all that mean I hate the X100? No, I liked it, but I did recognise its weaknesses. Are people allowed to prefer the X100 output? Of course, but none of us should assert our opinions as fact - they are after all merely subjective opinions.

Well, you just did that, didn't you:

"but none of us should assert our opinions as fact - they are after all merely subjective opinions."

I have as much right to my opinion as you do yours, correct? And I respectfully and completely disagree with you regarding the output of the X100.


I guess it comes down to the language used - my opinions are strong but hopefully it was clear from the use of language like "to me", "as far as I'm concerned", "for my taste", "I didn't" etc that they were my opinions rather than fact...

It's very interesting what you said Sgoldswo. Probably what you see as weaknesses is what I like. I understand that you are not saying that the X100 sensor is bad. But I see that sensitiveness to exposure and it's probably the same sensor the A700 had. Nonetheless there's something, maybe because of that, that makes it different.

Having said that, I just want to convince myself that I can live with this new "look" since the camera let me do thing that I couldn't with the X100.

It's a matter of taste, again. Nobody should get offended.

I'm probably getting over sensitive (partly about other threads here as opposed to replies to this one - I thought your original post was fine) - I understand people like the output from the X100 but it does get my goat when people state the X100 IQ is better as fact rather than as a subjective opinion (especially since, as two APS-C cameras it will come down to personal preference). To be clear, I accept my own opinion that the X100S IQ is better is subjective.

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