Comodo Scam Alert

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Comodo Scam Alert

I've been using Comodo's Firewall Product for a long time, as I loved it's Default Deny Protection so that it blocked any suspicious behavior from applicatoins.

I was using it in conjunction with Avira AntiVir Premium as an extra layer of protection, since Comodo provided a nice layer against Zero Day Malware.

But, after realizing just how good their default deny protection worked, I unintalled Avira, since the Comodo software was going to prevent any malware infection by itself.  IOW, it's really good software for that purpose.

For whatever reason, I did not see some of the issues reported by others here. For example, skyglider reported problems where Comodo wanted to use their tech support to solve them in this post

I had never seen the Comodo AntiError Program running on my PC, and had never seen suggestions to use their tech support via GeekBuddy, as I reported in posts like this one:

So, to try and figure out why others were seeing that behavior, I reinstalled Comodo internet Security again.

I still dd not see that kind of behavior. So, I decided to deliberately start the AntiError software (under the Start Menu>All Programs>Comodo>Geek Buddy>AntiError to try and determine what others were reporting

Sure enough, that program reported that I have issues, and a screen popped up offering support.

I captured all of the screens showing what took place. But, IMO, it boils down to them trying to use scare tactics so that you'll use paid support to try and "fix" the issues that were supposedly detected.

I'm *very* angry about it, and I plan to supply all logs and screen capture to any law enforcement agency that will listen (FTC, etc.) , as I can't stand companies that use those types of tactics to try and extract money from users.

I've been a big fan of Comodo in the past, as I really like their default deny approach to preventing malware infections.

But, when a company like that decides to try and make money from unsuspecting users by using scare tactics, they're going to end up in my s*** list.

So, please accept my apologies for suggesting them to begin with. Yes, they have great software that can help you to prevent malware infection.

But, their tactics to make extra profit via their AntiError and Geek Buddy software are unforgivable in my book.

I'll probably publish more details later, as I made sure to capture screens of my online correspondence, and I'm shocked at Comodo representative's behavior.

That kind of thing is unforgivable in my book, no matter how good their AV software is.

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