Anyone have the Zeiss 2/135 APO Sonnar yet?

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Re: Zeiss 135 F2 vs Nikon 135 F2 DC

VividExposures wrote:

Would you rather have the autofocus nikon 200mm or the zeiss 135mm with a d7100? Is autofocus worth the $3300 difference? I would imagine the quality would be very similar. The 135mm has the ability to focus much closer.

I believe (not owning any manual focus telephoto lenses) that I'd find far more reasons to use a 200/2 VR than the MF Zeiss 135/2 regardless of camera. The Zeiss would make a very interesting soemwhat-close up lens and a very nice adult portrait lens. Neither of those is something I'm all that into.

I wouldn't buy a 200/2 VR for close up work. Nikon makes an awesome 200mm f/4 micro for that, and there are several other cheaper and better solutions for true close up work (at or near 1:1). I would buy a 200/2 VR for portraiture (something the Zeiss is capable of if one has fairly static subjects or is far more proficient at manual focusing than myself) and also for sports/action used with and without teleconverters (action being something I wouldn't ever consider any Zeiss for, not that one can't get a few keepers here and there as RBFresno frequently proves). I have no doubts that a 200/2 VR would bring home 5X (probably even more) as many keepers for me simply because of the AF while also having the ability to magnify subjects much further away (with the use of teleconverters) than the Zeiss 135/2 could manage.

As I've noted before, they are very different lenses, distinguished most obviously by their focal lengths. The Zeiss is a much cheaper lens because it doesn't even try to compete with the 200/2 VR. If Zeiss ever did build a competing lens, I'm betting on it topping the Nikon's price while still not having AF or VR or taking a teleconverter.

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