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White Egret

This past Sunday I was able to get close to a white egret.  I followed some of my old techniques of getting close to the bird, and then waiting for the bird to walk even closer towards me.  I've found if you advance too close by walking towards the bird, it will fly off.  It's better for the bird to come towards you all on its own (if at all possible).  It's important to appear non-threatening.

Photo No. 1 - This is one of the first pictures I was able to get of the bird.

Photo No. 2 - The white egret was looking for something to eat.

Photo No. 3 - Occasionally the egret would find (what appeared to be) small fish along the shoreline in this area.

Photo No. 4 - Then a bird watcher walked along and scared the white egret away.

Photo No. 5 - It landed further away from me.  I like the bright white colors in contrast to everything else there on a cloudy day.  I cropped it some to get closer.

Photo No. 6 - I waited for the bird to come towards me again.

Photo No. 7- I took care to have enough depth of field, so the surroundings were nearly in focus or in focus.

Photo No. 8 - Getting slightly closer to me....

Photo No. 9 - The egret was walking along slowly looking for that bite to eat.

Photo No. 10 - Finally, when the bird got too close for comfort it flew off again.  It was a miscalculation on my part.  I should have had a higher shutter speed.  I had room to do that...oh well...lessons learned.

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