transitioning from E-5 to E-whatever

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Re: transitioning from E-5 to E-whatever

Hi John,

I'm shooting with the E-5 and still haven't mastered all of it's features. I still plan to adjust focus for all of my HG and SHG lenses. I just bought a used LensMark target for a good price so that will be soon. I'm happy with the results I'm getting and only occasionally wish I could shoot in lower light. When the new E-x, E-xx or E-xxx comes out it will have a better sensor for low light and with more DR (otherwise it can't be competitive). But I may hold off on adopting the newest body for a while.

My E-5 has a low shutter count and lots of life left in it. Even if I did upgrade, I'd probably keep the E-5 as a 2nd camera and back-up. The current used price isn't very tempting. For a new Pro E-x body I don't expect the new body to be much more expensive than the E-5. It's still got to compete with the D7100, D600, 5DmkIII etc.

I'm also shooting with the E-330 underwater. It's great for UW with the Live View A mode. I have a large investment in the UW housing and lens ports. replacing that housing for any other Olympus body would be expensive ($1300 min). Replacing the lens ports to fit a different system would be costly too ($130 to $200 for each of 4 or 5 lenses I can use UW). For topside I also have lots of flash accessories to fit Olympus. So I'm staying with Olympus.

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