Samsung NX300 vs Sony A99 Noise Performance Test (link)

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Jorginho wrote:

So this still is about a camera with a FF sensor, albeit with a translucent mirror...It would be quite somehting for Samsung to beat it, because it is well ahead still at any current APS-c sensor. And here we see it cleanly beaten by an APS-c...It is not going to happen. What IS much more important I think is that the new sensor has PDAF and CDAF....Something m43s still lacks. Now it depends on how well it will work. The PDAF on the Nikon1 is good, on the Canon mirrorless cams it is bad and it is not good on the Sony's either. But if Samsung does this well, it will be a much more important step ahead than a better sensor (IQ wise) I think. The IQ of the NX20 is really good and good enough I think.

personally, camera responsiveness is what I was after the NX300. the AF options that came with it looks to be the ones that I was missing on the NX200. the improvement would surely increase my success rate of taking above acceptable results with the camera and not lose opportunities. IQ improvement personally is just an icing on the cake, but I could live with the previous gen sensor.point is, even if the sensor is awesome at 6400,  if my success rate is compromised due to poor AF and responsiveness, I'd rather stick with a manual focus Leica. lowlight shooting is great, but my needs are leaning towards not relying on mf just for lowlight. the NX300 would be a perfect companion for my other previously acquired mirrorless compact cameras.

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