French review of TG-2, note the high ISO performance

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Re: French review of TG-2, note the high ISO performance

I have taken the RX100 on the kayak in a waterproof box. It does an excellent job, much better than any of my waterproof cameras including the Canon S95 in an underwater housing. The problem is that I can not get it out quickly and I cannot shoot one-handed while drifting backwards through a rapid. There is too much risk of getting it wet or dropping it.

Waterproof housings for the RX100 start at about $400. The DicaPac bag was 1/10 of that price so I decided to give it a try. I am very disappointed in the way it is designed.

I am an engineer and have access to a 3d printer and can use my modelling software to create my own design of housing. I have an idea of how to make it very compact. That my be my next project.

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