Springtime In Shropshire.

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Re: Springtime In Shropshire.

Rod McD wrote:

Hi Kurt,

I understand - I made a move from DSLR use for overseas travel about two years ago. I still use my K5 and (too many) lenses, but I don't take them on extended trips. My choice was a G1X and I found a huge sense of freedom in travelling with an 'all-in-one' small camera. Yes I missed the DSLR on a few occasions, but not actually that many. I rationalised that I was not publishing or exhibiting my shots from a family holiday, but seeking well rendered memories. You don't need a DSLR and THE KIT to do that. And the truth is, I found that I could get more 'into' the holiday.

Enjoy Greece. Cheers, Rod

Rod --

I picked up a G1x last November and similarly have been really, really, impressed with it. One of its shocking strengths is the quality of the lens, and the excellent IS built in.  Really, for most "trip" use as you describe, it truly is more than adequate, and the (almost) APSC sensor generates fully satisfactory RAW files that i've printed at 16x24 with pleasure.

That said, i find it a dog to operate:  slow as pouring molassas, with a frustratingly limited focusing distance and "macro" mode.  I understand that the G1x is a Powershot platform, but these 'features' are frustrating.  But, really, trip photos usually aren't of action, are they?

My D7000 kit will remain the bees knees when i must get a maximum quality shot under difficult conditions.  The overall ergonomics, wireless flash, and lenses like my 14mm and teles will always have a place.  But gosh, the G1x goes everywhere else.

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