The price of buying local and the price of not doing so.

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Re: The price of buying local and the price of not doing so.

MPA1 wrote:

Great for you.

Here in NZ, where there are really no more than 6 proper camera shops in the ENTIRE country, never mind one city, it usually makes little difference where you buy locally as prices are often within spitting distance as the distributors fix them not the retailers.

Hey, we've got 2 of those shops in Wellington, and I have bought from them, - but I prefer to buy online from Christchurch and elsewhere (if buying in NZ) but often buy from overseas directly. It doesn't help that m4/3 is under-represented at retail in NZ.

Retailers whinge about the small size of the NZ market forcing their prices up, but really, I don't see why I should (for example) pay HP about $175 for a replacement tabletPC battery when I can buy the same genuine one from overseas for $50 including shipping.

In general, we do pretty well with pricing in NZ, but some areas (like photography) are just too far out of line with the rest of the world. Low value photographic accessories (filters, hoods, tripods, bags etc) are outrageously overpriced here, and they are easy to buy from overseas.

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