Connecting MBPro to TV

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Re: Connecting MBPro to TV

I don't know how much luck you're going to have, but that at least tells you what kind of cables or adapters to look for.

The ports or slots on a MacBook Pro that would be the most useful sources for video would be:

  • MiniDisplayPort or Thunderbolt port - look for a MiniDisplayPort-to-XXXXX adapter or cable.
  • DVI port (I'm not sure if MBPs ever had these) - look for a DVI-to-XXXXX adapter or dable.
  • CardBus 34 slot (found on 17" MBPs and older 15" MBPs) - might allow the installation of a miniature video card with one of those three types of output.

There might also be USB-based devices.  My impression was that those were normally used for low-resolution video capture, but perhaps some also allowed output the other way.

Another possibility - if you have a MacBook Pro with a Firewire port, and a MiniDV camcorder, might be to record a presentation to MiniDV tape and then use the camcorder to get the video to the TV.  Another workaround along the same lines would be creating a DVD-Video disc using the (dearly departed and sorely missed) iDVD or an application like Toast.

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