Here is a real Canon 1Ds Mark III shot in full.

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1972 snr
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Re: Its a nice picture but...

WalterSrChat wrote:

Nightman wrote:

I dont understand what you want us to see? The picture is nice and the eyes are in focus. Detail is ok. My 10D still takes pictures like this.

You just keep telling yourself that, and you will eventually believe it!

I own a 20D and the detail won’t even come close to my 1Ds Mark III.

Walter Sr

I am out to take the perfect picture, if it exits@!

@  Walter, thanks for getting my point. A 16bit sensor is always better, a 12 to 14 bit sensor will be limited in pperformance. The canon 1 D's mark iii is a 14 bit sensor camera, but it is very close in quality to the phase one DSLR, @nightman.

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