Food for thought - FF vs M4/3's cost

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Re: not asking, begging the question

Vlad S wrote:

papillon_65 wrote:

Dave, understood, use what works, I'm not "promoting' either, just asking the question, unfortunately people tend to get a bit tetchy and defensive on either side of the fence.

I think that what irks people, and I freely admit it in my own case, is that you are not really asking a question, but you are begging a question. You set up a situation that should give you the answer you want to hear, but the answer is only valid if we accept the premise that handicaps the µ4/3 system from the start. Should you not expect that people are calling you on that?

Most users here never hesitate to recommend a FF system when the user clearly benefits from it, so I reject your suggestion that people here are defensive. They simply feel the fallacy of the whole set up, even if they don't know its name in the formal logic.

What you are saying in the OP is that FF gives better image quality, and can be had for money, similar to the top of the line µ4/3 kits. But APS-C systems can give better quality than µ4/3 and be less expensive at the same time. This is not where µ4/3 competes with them. If IQ and DOF control were your only considerations and you chose µ4/3, then you could have made a better choice for the same budget.


Never mind Vlad, I'm not looking for an argument or for anyone to substantiate anything, I asked a simple question which most people understood, if you didn't I can't really help you. Unfortunately it's a symptom of this forum, and others here, that it's not really possible to have a sensible debate without someone accusing you of something akin to robbing their granny, they're cameras not a cure for cancer.

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