transitioning from E-5 to E-whatever

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Keith Hatfull
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Re: transitioning from E-5 to E-whatever

I'm just coming back to Oly after stupidly getting out at the end of last year.

I got an E-1 to tide me over.  If I do start to have MP envy I'll pickup an E-30.  I'd keep the E-1 regardless.  I am putting together the lens collection I'd ultimately have.

As much as I'd like an E-5 I'm going to wait until the fall and see what happens.  If there's no announcement by Christmas I'll find an E-5 and be done with it.

I'll have about $1K leftover after I sell all my Pentax stuff and pick up the desired Oly kit (aside from the E-5/X).  I'm seriously considering putting it into a 6 month CD to keep me from screwing with it until Oly does something.

I just don't know if this is the time to get into an E-5.  Not because of anything having to do with the camera, I loved mine, but because of market timing/forces.

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