MS Security Essentials and Windows Defender

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I'd just uninstall it

digitalshooter wrote:

I had moved all of the comodo icons from the desktop into a folder on the desktop. Did some windows updates, rebooted and the antierror and geekbuddy icons reappeared.

Based on what you guys are reporting, I think I'd just uninstall GeekBuddy.

I'm not in Windows right this minute. But the next time I boot into it, I think I'll do yet another reinstall and see if I can duplicate what you guys are seeing.

But, so far, I've never seen the Comodo GeekBuddy or AntiError components running on my PC, even though I see program entries for them (so they were installed, but they have not been running on my desktop).

The only thing I can think of is that I had older versions of Comodo Firewall products running for a long time. So, perhaps the new install of the latest Internet Security Suite honored some of the old settings (even though I uninstalled the older products first) and didn't let that kind of crap run.

But, if I saw it running on my PC, I'd just uninstall those components (and from what I can see from google searches, uninstalling GeekBuddy should solve the problems).

That way, you;d get the Comodo protection (AV, Firewall, etc.) without the annoyances you guys are reporting (and again, I've never even seen the problems you guys are reporting, but I wouldn't be happy about it if I saw those issues).

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