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Leon Obers wrote:

If you use that typical mode of "USB", a first "fresh" CD shall be "formatted". Afterwards it is just in the same way as using a USB-stick. Drag the files, and it shall be copied to the CD. Exactly in the same way as a USB-stick. Only the time to copy can vary depending to CD write speed.

But you know that CDs don't really operate the same way as USB flash drives, right? Once you drag a file to a CD-R, that space is gone and can never be recovered. Even if you "erase" the file from a CD-R all you've really done is to create a new directory which supercedes the old one, and the new one doesn't have an entry for that file even though the data is still on the disk.

The problem with software that makes a CD "look like" a USB flash drive is that people end up expecting it to be able to do the same things that a USB flash drive can - when in fact the base technology is completely different and doesn't support the same operations.

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