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RhysM wrote:

**Before i start, this is not an inflammatory post, i'm not a troll and am not looking to generate arguments.**

I used to own a D700, 24-70 2.8, 70-200mm VR I, 50mm 1.4 AF-S, 60mm 2.8 Macro, 2x SB-800... so not by any means someone who is a stranger to spending a bit of money on gear but sold it all due to buying my first house and needed the money to do some home improvements.

I'm now in the position where i want to get back in to the game but i just can't seem to find a nikon that suits me.

D4 - too big, and expensive.

D3x - to big and expensive.

D3s - too big and getting a bit old in the tooth in terms of resolution, DR and slightly behind high ISO noise when compared to the current range of FX sensors.

D3 - Same as the D3s

D800/e - Right size, but i can't see that need for 36mp and the file size/processing power needed to edit RAW files is also a concern, add in the QC reports for the left focus points and i'm not prepared to take the risk of buying a £2000+ camera with the knowledge it could potentially have a fault.

D700 - Nice camera, but second hand prices are just too high to justify spending £1200+ on a good used unit with technology that is approaching 5 years old, having only 12MP, only 12 EV of DR and a stop behind the current FX cameras at higher ISO's.

D600 - On paper this looks like the answer but regardless of whether it's considered an "entry level" full frame camera or not, it's still a £1400 camera and as a result should not have QC control issues with oil/dust. I also don't like the idea of having the same AF system as the D7000 that is currently available for £550 since the introduction of the D7100.

D7100 - This looks like a nice camera for sports/wildlife shooters, but i'm really looking for an FX camera, as i value high ISO output over the extra reach. I was hoping that Nikon had pulled something magical out of the bag and pushed the DX envelope in terms of high ISO but alas it's no better than the D7000/D5200.

Then there's the lenses, my first lens would be a general walk around however the nikon 24-120 is just not optically good enough to justify its £800 price tag.

So... this brings me to the Canon 5D mk III. 22 megapixels high enough resolution with good balance between pixels and manageable file size, mid-sized body, good image quality at high ISO output, to my knowledge no QC issues and the 24-105 F4 looks like a fantastic lens. The only downside i can see is the flash system doesn't seem to get as good reviews as Nikon's


Jumping Ship...


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