G5 instead of OM-D 5

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Re: G5 prices --- where?

pegasus1457 wrote:

Where are you guys finding this fantastic price for the G5 kit?

I checked B&H, Adorama, Amazon, Panasonic... I don't see anything remotely resembling this deal.

The deal was from Amazon but might not still be active.  I missed it a couple of weeks ago so was glad when it was offered again.  Take heart as it may show up again.

The time between it coming around again allowed me  to confirm that I really needed a viewfinder which eliminated the epl5...the omd-5 was out of my price range.  I have a sailing addiction that needs to be fed so cameras are secondary.

Not sure what will become of my E 510 and E 1...maybe keep one of them on the boat.  I expect that the improved viewfinder and greater dynamic range will make blown highlights not as much of a problem--e 510 issues are well known in that regard.

The delay between deals also gave me the chance to physically handle the G 5 and that sealed the deal.

I hope others get a chance at a similar deal.  How low can they go?  No remorse here  even in the unlikely chance that the price drops further.

I have ordered an extra battery. wrist grip and am considering a remote shutter and extension tubes for macro use.  Will try my 4/3 lenses as well.


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