transitioning from E-5 to E-whatever

Started Mar 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
mariomirabile Senior Member • Posts: 1,343
Re: transitioning from E-5 to E-whatever

Considering I've only just stepped up to an E-5 (from an E-30), I'll wait until the dust settles after the release of the E-whatever before I jump in. When I see what comes out and what the future is, I'll likely sell the E-30 or possibly my E-1 ( although that's less likely give it's such a classic and I bought it from Bill Turner).

I've help off selling anything Olympus for the time being. The Australian flea-bay market is quite soft for anything except top tier four thirds gear - I got the E-5 used for $780 with 20,000 actuations, which want bad considering how rarely they come up. Lower end bodies and most lenses are going for prices that make me wish I needed to buy some. I'm hoping that the release of a new body will give people confidence that the format has a future and bring prices back to a more buoyant level before I sell.


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